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Women supporting women

  • 23 May 2012
  • 10:00 - 11:45
  • Gallerie Treppenhaus, Conference room 1st floor,91 Henkestr. Erlangen


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Feeling happy ? Or not really ?
What if Women supporting Women would also mean sharing our difficult times ?
Behind the curtains of our perfect lives, loving husband, beautiful kids and filled bank account, we all experience some times, especially during relocation, where life seems difficult, tasteless... 
Talking and sharing Atelier
We would like to take advantage of the next Women supporting Women session to make an atelier about this mid-life crisis that women sometimes experience.

ยง do you or did you experienced difficult phases in your life ? How did you grow out of it ? What helped you ?
ยง being away from your friends and family may have made things more difficult ? what about the impact of a different culture?

Some of us will share their experience and participants will be invited to talk if they feel like it. What will be said will remain confidentialNo advice or judgment will be given. 

International Women's Group e.V. in Herzogenaurach, Germany | Impressum

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