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Women can accomplish amazing things when we support one another 



As a very organized and people person who lived in different countries in my life (Croatia, USA, Germany, and travelled even more), with a huge passion for life and different cultures, I believe I would be a perfect fit for this position. 

I am currently managing 6 battery storage projects in EMEA region for a young, innovative company (Fluence Energy GmbH, a Siemens and AES Company) whose main aim is to transform the way we power the world. With the same passion and the level of the responsibility for my job, I would proudly represent IWG to any legal, administrative or public relations authorities/companies, lead board meetings, coordinate the team and help IWG transform the way women are finding its place in Franconia region.



I am excited to be stepping into the role of Vice President in 2022 as one of the newest members of the teamI moved to Germany in 2018 to pursue an exciting career in the European energy sector.  Prior to my move I was based in Washington DC working and completing my MBA, and frequently returning home to the beautiful state ofVermont to visit family.  have also lived in Honduras, India and Nepal and am no stranger to the trials of reestablishing a life in a new place.  

In the past four years I’ve conducted extensive business across 

Europe, developing over a dozen grid scale energy storage projects across Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania and the Czech Republic for the 

company Fluence Energy GmbH.  I recently made a move to RWE Renewables where I look forward to continuing 

to develop impactful, clean hybrid energy projects across Europe and Asia.

In my free time I take every possible chance to travel and be outdoors and enjoy hiking, cycling, and kayaking and have recently taken up orienteering.  
I look forward to meeting other international women and doing what I can to ease 

transition to Germany.



I am a Korean American who moved to Germany in 2019 with my  international  family after living in theUS for more than 20 years


Because of the difficult cultural adjustment I faced in Germany, I want   to help   other internationals with newcomers issues and support. 

IWG connected me to other women who were in the same situation as me.

I am a Korean cultural consultant and educator as well as a kimchi business   owner


love to connect with people through good Korean foodespecially Kimchi! 

I will try my best to help!

Contact: saehee@saehee.com 



Inés was born in Argentina in 1976 and lives in Germany since 2001. Prior, she spent ten years in Spain where she successfully completed her Bachelor Degree in History, Art and Geography. Having worked for more than thirteen years in different fields such as hospitality and events, Spanish teacher for adults, CEO secretariat, in-house sales and project business Ines brings:

·     University degree (Spain), multilingual

·     Life experience in Argentina, Spain and Germany

·     Autodidact and proactive attitude

·     Very good team worker and communicator

·     Versatile with multi-cultural interest and international exchange

·     13 years of working experience

·     4 years active member of English Stammtisch and Internations.

She also loves travelling, museums, literature, cooking, zumba, international social networking, cinema.

She is mother of a 4 years old little girl and since then she took a break in her career and enjoyed being a mother.



Nora was a member of the International Women's Group in Istanbul and will be able to support the IWG with this experience.

Although born in Germany to a German mother and Iraqi father, Nora spent half her life abroad. After graduating from an American High School in Amman, Jordan, she studied architecture in Canterbury, UK. Her masters degree on Ottoman architecture brought her to Istanbul, where she lived for another 6 years. During a visit to her hometown in 2017, she met her (now) husband and not only fell in love with him, but with the countryside of Franconia. Nora lives with her husband and 2-year-old son in the medieval town Dinkelsbühl.



Born in the heart of Europe with access to a range of neighbouring countries,   

discovering them turnedinto the norm of growing upOnce old enough to travel   

aloneshe spent time  living in New Zealand, Thailand and Italy for her studies  among others

Marie graduated from the FAU University with a Master's degree in Finance &   Controlling and has been working in the industry of machine engineering in   Erlangen since

Apart from swimming at inhumanly early hoursshe is a passionate painter and  

brings with her solid experiences in international obstacle elimination, time  management with no time, as well as a very useful fork lift license and an inofficial qualification to the operational COVID-19 taskforce.

History of the IWG

The International Women's Group (IWG) was founded in 1995 by 8 women of different nationalities. In the beginning, the women met informally to exchange their experiences of living "abroad" and share useful information about their host country of Germany. As the number of international employees of companies such as INA, Puma, Siemens and others increased, the membership of the IWG increased as well. With this growth, the IWG found a more formal structure necessary. Therefore, in October 2000, the group was officially registered as a non-profit organization and a board consisting of seven members was established.

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