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Women can accomplish amazing things when we support one another 



 I am an artist born in Cali Colombia. I come from a family of artists. The most prominent is my grandfather Efraim Martinez. He was a teacher and an excellent impressionist and muralist. He was the reason for the beginning of my training as an artist. I developed painting at a young age and perfected my technique through a scholarship from the district art school in my town. My paintings are characterized by many colors and my main themes are the cultural richness of my country and the extraordinary nature of Latin America. One of the elements that distinguish me as an artist is to paint live during my exhibitions. I like to involve the public in the creative process of my work. Murals are very present in my art. Some of my works are exhibited in the city of Barranquilla in Colombia and in Europe in places like Paris and several cities of Bavaria in Germany. I'm a mother of two Beautiful Children and Married for 12 years. I have developed a career as Artist and Muralist, but also a community for Women who need to find a Space in this Country as individuals and as contributors for this society. I make Social related projects every year, and gathering events to join forces with different people to support all kinds of causes. I have worked with refugees, local institutions, cities and organisations. And I would like to think that through my Art I have reached several groups and inspired some others as well. This is why a community like IWG is a platform to keep helping, supporting and reaching all kinds of Women and therefore their Families to continue inspiring and to get inspired. You can see my work and contributions at my website. www.ticho-art.com Or my Instagram account @tichoart1




I was born in Argentina, and 6 years ago I started a new adventure with my husband here in Germany. 

As an independent woman, with almost 15 years working in IT in the Government of my country, and in a Trade Union for another 10 years, especially focused in the area of diversity. I have worked extensively with women and minorities in the workplace, training them and creating safe environments, to empower them. Currently, I am training to enter the German labour market. 

Along the way, I realised that my experience could be useful for other people, so since 2020, I have been collaborating with the Argentinian Franken Centre, committed to spreading the traditions of my country, and helping newcomers with language integration and professional advancement. 

I have approached the IWG a few years ago and I have been able to relate with great women, from whom I have learned a lot. Since September 2023, as Vice President, I offer my experience in the IWG, to collaborate with this beautiful project, with empathy and love to welcome and help more women in this new stage.




I am from Indiana, USA, and have lived in Germany for over 20 years, mostly in Nuremberg, but also in Erlangen, Hamburg and Munich. I studied German and International Studies (political science, history) in the US and Erlangen, and Intercultural Communication in Munich. My two daughters are 7 and 10 years old, and I spent the first two years of my older daughter’s life in Shanghai, which was an amazing time. As far as jobs go, I have worked as an English teacher, legal assistant, at the Bavarian Forest Agency, and now at a small tech company where I am an administrative and marketing coordinator. I am applying to be the events coordinator since this is also what I do in my current job! I have very much enjoyed attending the ladies’ nights, coffee mornings and Christmas dinner, and would like to support the group in continuing such events. It’s always a pleasure to meet the regular members as well as get to know newcomers from all over the world!


History of the IWG

The International Women's Group (IWG) was founded in 1995 by 8 women of different nationalities. In the beginning, the women met informally to exchange their experiences of living "abroad" and share useful information about their host country of Germany. As the number of international employees of companies such as INA, Puma, Siemens and others increased, the membership of the IWG increased as well. With this growth, the IWG found a more formal structure necessary. Therefore, in October 2000, the group was officially registered as a non-profit organization and a board consisting of seven members was established.

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